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Last updated:  01/26/2020
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What to do in late winter
Winter months are a challenge to our roses but for the gardener a time for in-door activities.  As spring approaches keep an eye out for the blooming of the forsythia bushes.  When they bloom it is time to start pruning your roses, not sooner.  These past few years our springs have been more erratic with wide temperature swings before the true spring arrives.  Don't be tempted to start rose bush pruning during a warm spell, even if it lasts 10 days or more.  The reason is simple; when you prune a rose cane the wound produced sends signals to the plant that it is time to start pushing out new growth from the canes.  When this starts too early and we get a late hard freeze these young shots die and you have lost much of the spring flush of growth.  Be patient and wait for Mother Nature's signal--those yellow blossoms on the forsythia.

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