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What to do in Winter

By now Western Pa has settled into winter and your bushes into dormancy.  

This month is a great month to reflect on how your garden did over the past year.
Are there any of your roses that did not do well? Could they be helped by moving them
to another, better location when spring comes?  

​If you are seeking a specific rose cultivar it is advisable that you place your nursery order as soon as possible.  Many nurseries are reporting 'sold out' on many of their roses.  

You can browse all the nurseries selling on-line by going to our Nursery Guide page (the link is above). 

You can also take care of all your tools, check all of your fertilizers and your
chemicals; these chores can be done anytime during the winter. 

Enjoy the winter rest.

 To download PDF copy roses that have passed the Columbus Park of Roses "Earth-Kind" northern trials follow the link to the right 
Last updated:  10/17/2018
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