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June and July
​In summer months the biggest problem rose growers face is fungal disease and dry weather.  As the temperature and humidity rise so does the incidence of fungal diseases--Black Spot being the biggest problem.  If you are growing hybrid teas, miniatures or other disease prone roses you will need a regular spray program to keep your bushes disease free.  There are many good fungicides available and if you need help selecting a product contact one of our Consulting Rosarians or stop at a good garden center.  Japanese beetles are the major insect problem in our regions.  A mild infestation can be managed by touring your garden with a coffee can full of soapy water.  Hold it under the stem where the bugs are feasting and knock them in--they can't swim.  If wish to spray, again we suggest going to your local garden center.  There are many, many commercial products available to control Japanese Beetles. One thing we do not recommend is hormone baited traps. These tend to just draw all the neighbor's beetles into your garden.  if you do use them place them away from the garden not in the center of your plantings.  

Remember that the major pruning should have been done in the spring (in Western PA this is usually when or after the forsythia bloom.) However, it is never too late to prune out dead wood. Deadheading spend blooms will also encourage new fall growth. 

Fertilization is the most important thing you can do to get a good crop of blooms.  We suggest you use a good balanced fertilizer (10-10-10 for example).  This means it has equal parts nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus.  Manufactured for organic will work. Organic has more of the trace elements needed for healthy soil, but is your choice.  

Keep your bushes well watered ( about 1" per week) and well feed.  So far we have gotten sufficient rain fall but if we go into a protracted dry period with little rain or snow you may need to water.  This is rather unlikely till spring.

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Last updated:  4/3/2015
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